Tel. 0203 4133 401   |   Email. chris@whitbread-heating.co.uk

602 Lascar Wharf, 21 Parnham Street, London, E14 7FN




Hourly rates: £70 per hour 

There is a minimum charge of 1 hour on all jobs, thereafter work is charged in 15 minute increments or fixed price is given if possible.

Servicing and Landlords inspection


  • Appliance service £70

  • Landlords Inspection  £70 (up to 2 appliances)

  • Service and Landlord inspection together £120 + Vat



  • Free quotes will be given for new boilers, systems and larger works.

  • Smaller upgrades that require a quote, and a visit is made, will be charged at £70. 

  If you accept the quote, £35 will be discounted off the final bill


All prices and subject to VAT.

Materials, congestion charge and parking will also be charged where applicable.

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