Terms and Conditions

Hourly Rates

There is a minimum charge of one hour on all visits, thereafter work is charged in 30-minute increments. All rates exclude the cost of materials, parking, congestion charge and are subject to 20% VAT.


Fixed Price
Our engineer will give a verbal or written estimate if requested/possible before work commences. All quotations are subject to 20% VAT.



Materials will be charged at cost price + a 30% mark-up. Material collection time for non-stock items will be chargeable for the first hour. If for example, a replacement part is only available in a particular location which will take more than the chargeable hour to collect then the customer will be informed and costs will be discussed. All materials remain the property of Whitbread Heating & Plumbing until full payment is received.



We will be pleased to carry out a free estimate for larger works such as boiler replacements. Some estimates that require investigation and diagnostic works may be chargeable.


An invoice will always be produced and emailed clearly showing a full description of work carried out.


Payment must be made in full by cash or cheque to the engineer, or by bank transfer with 48 hours of receipt of invoice.



If cancellations are made by the customer within 24 hours of an arranged appointment, the first hour will be charged. Special order materials have already been purchased or ordered may incur a 20% charge for return.  

Whitbread Heating & Plumbing Ltd has the right to cancel, giving as much notice as possible and a good reason for the cancellation. Whitbread Heating can refuse to accept any work if they deem it acceptable to do so.

No answers

If Whitbread Heating & Plumbing Ltd attend an arranged appointment and no access to the property is possible, then the visit will be charged for the first hour. This includes tenanted properties.



A 12-month guarantee will be given on all labour/work and new items fitted. Any items repaired or refurbished will not be given a guarantee. Some new items, such as new boilers and cylinders fitted will have guarantees longer than 12 months issued and attended by the manufacturer. Its is up to the customer to maintain service intervals as per manufacturer's instructions.



Any defects or for any reason the customer is not satisfied, then the customer should contact Whitbread Heating and Plumbing Ltd within 12 months, any remedial works will be carried out if deemed appropriate. If the work is not deemed appropriate then any extra work carried out will be chargeable as will be the visit.